Tarte au Sucre

I bought a new recipe book the other day called Pie by Ken Haedrich after reading about it on Baking Bites. On Saturday I tried out my first recipe from the book. I chose the Tarte au Sucre (Sugar Pie), which is a French Canadian specialty that has a lovely maple syrup filling. I chose this pie mainly because I didn’t see a lot of good fresh fruit at the market, and decided to go with something that I had most of the ingredients for.

The pie was relatively easy to make, and the instructions in the book were very simple to follow. I forgot to account for my oven however, which generally is hotter than it indicates, so the crust ended up a little over cooked. Regardless though I am happy with how the pie turned out, and looking forward to trying out more of the 300+ recipes inside.

As far as the book goes I am really happy with it. It is well organized, has easy to follow directions, and has a fantastic index in the back in which you can see find recipes by specific ingredients.

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