Macarons with Feet!

I finally did it. I was able to make Macarons with feet! In the past I have had some really terrible attempts. Misshaped, too big, no feet. It was a little frustrating to not be able to get them right. When I was finally able to make them correctly I had to have a great sigh of relief.

For any of you wondering how I was able to finally overcome my problems with the macarons, here are some tips that I felt helped me.

  • Use a Scale: In the past I had always tried to make Macarons measuring my ingredients (cups, ml, etc). Unfortunately you can never be guaranteed to get the exact measurements correctly this way. Using a scale gave me the ability to get exact measurements so that my batter was perfect
  • Use an Oven Thermometer: Again another problem I have had in the past was that my oven temperature was never what the dial said it was. Using an oven thermometer gave me the ability to get the temperature exactly right.
  • Multiple baking sheets: When baking the macarons I put several baking pans underneath the initial pan.

For a recipe I just used a standard macaron recipe I found online. I really think the scale and the oven thermometer had the most effect on how well my macarons turned out. Now that I have been able to get them right I think I will be making some again very soon!

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